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  • Deep Gel

    Deep Gel

    Astringent, shine-control cleansing gel for oily, impure and combination skin.
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  • Vitamin Ampoule  (7x3.5ml)

    Vitamin Ampoule (7x3.5ml)

    Intensive treatment with Vitamins A, E and F specialized for dry, sensitive and demanding skin.

    This nutritive care treatment supplies stressed, mature and dry skin with an intense dose of Vitamins A, E and F. Regenerates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For a healthy, fresh and smooth appearance.

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  • Hyaluron Ampoule  (7x3.5ml)

    Hyaluron Ampoule (7x3.5ml)

    Moisturizing care treatment with Hyaluronic Acid. Advanced, intensive care protects the skin against dehydration and provides long-lasting moisture reserves. Abates tightness while firming skin tissue. Helps fight the appearance of aging, refines the skin and gives a fresh and smooth apearance.

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  • Hydrating Leave-On Mask

    Hydrating Leave-On Mask

    Soft, moisturizing cream-mask
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  • Elixir, 50ml

    Elixir, 50ml

    Advanced nutritive serum for dry, sensitive and demanding skin
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  • Firming Ampoule  (7x3.5ml)

    Firming Ampoule (7x3.5ml)

    Intensive firming and regenerating skincare treatment. Highly effective concentrate firms and strengthens the skin and stimulates its metabolism. A natural complex of antioxidants, marine collagen and moisture complex defend against free radicals and return a fresh appearance to dehydrated, demanding skin.
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